Things You Should Never Share Online

One of the most common things that people of today’s generation do is to hang out on social media sites. Most of the time, individuals easily forget the value of the information they share such as photos, comments and that this sharing doesn’t only inform family and friends but other people as well. In a world where the advent of technology is very apparent, one should be responsible of his or her online actions as well as be informed with the right online social etiquette.


Written below are some of the things that you should not post online. This will not only help furnish your image, but it would also spell safety and security.

Real-Time Location

You should never ever share your real-time location online. You have to understand that the things you practice in your social life is as important as your safety practices. Both should go hand in hand. Sharing your whereabouts online could put your safety at risk especially when thieves have the idea that you are not home. In order to avoid letting the wrong people read your checking-in on an expensive restaurant, you have to make sure that your privacy setting in your social media account is properly set and better yet, don’t post at all.


Personal Info

The second thing you should never do online is to share personal and significant information. This is because doing so might risk you to the chances of identity theft. Information like full name, phone number, birth date and thing like that could be used by identity thieves to lobby their bad plans when they get the chance to do so. Moreover, when your personal number is shared online, this might be a leeway for bad individuals for burglaries. This is precisely the reason why before posting something that is very personal, make sure that your account is in private and filter the people in your friend’s list.



This is pretty obvious. However, passwords are not only limited to pass codes on social media or e-mail accounts, but you shouldn’t post anything with regards to your bank account nor your ATM details on the web. Doing so will not only risk you and your money to be snatched but these information, once reached into the wrong hands, might be used against you i.e. changing it so that you wouldn’t have the chance to access it.

Embarrassing Photos and Status

Before posting anything on the web, it is right to remember that at some point, there is a possibility that these photos, comments, statuses or any other related posts are going to be leaked in the future. Thus, if you don’t want your parents, your colleagues or any of your friends see something which is very scandalous in your part, resist it before it happens by not posting such.


Personal Issues

Private problems should never be posted online because all people in social media experience the same kinds of problems and thus, they don’t have the time to read and listen to your drama. In fact, some of them might even make fun out of these problems and would take advantage of you when the time comes. Thus, it is just right to keep private things private as it is.

If you don’t want your computer repair San Ramon social media account become a necessarily evil, always post with caution. You don’t want to end up crying just because of a single clicks and ticks.

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